Stay Positive Bro, Life is good

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How shallow is the human heart
Comparing flesh and bone
To the flesh and bone of another
What a silly game to play
Swallowing images of magazines
With wide eyes and squinted lips
A game that we cannot win
A war of self we are bound to lose
Believing we can be the best
But who remains the conqueror of anything?
All the young grow old
The strong become frail
The beautiful turn ugly
The intelligent doomed to forget
All told they could be the best
But never taught that life will fade
Just give it painful time and precious tears
They will figure it out
But I’ve never even won a medal
I can’t enter the pageant
Or win the science fair
So if beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Will you hold me while you behold my failures?
I can’t be the best

But we could be the best of friends
If you behold me, then never let me go

See me as beautiful and nothing less.
Grow Old and Fragile With Me (via amartyrschallenge)